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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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roadways. the bay area's first deadly crash of the holiday happened just a few minutes ago in san jose. >> reporter: well, the victim in that crash was a man in his late 20s or early 30s. just about an hour ago, all of those lanes reopened. there is no word on whether alcohol was related in this crash, but drunk driving is a reality on the fourth of july. this white pick-up truck flipped over after the highway patrol says it was seen driving erratically on northbound 87 this afternoon. >> initial reports we had prior to the collision was a white truck weaving in and out of the lanes, lost control, hit the center divide and overturned. >> the impact ejected the driver from the truck, he was pronounced dead at the scene. no one else was in the pickup and no other vehicles were involved.
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the accident is the bay area's first vehicle crash of the july 4th holiday, while investigators are still working to determine what caused the crash, the chp says many accidents during the july 4th holiday are related to drinking and driving. it's why the highway patrol is -- since the increased dui enforcement began yesterday there's been 220 dui arrests made state wide, that's about half the number of arrests compared to last year. but with two fatal collisions, state wide, that's up by one, during the same period in 2011. at santana road people were enjoying a day off from work. for some drinking is just part of the celebrating the country's birthday, and that's fine with the sumiai family as long as
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people don't drink before getting behind the wheel. >> on the fourth of july, we celebrate freedom, so i guess, you know, we should come out and celebrate and of course there are cops to take care of the citizens. >> reporter: the chp says the decrease in dui arrests may have to do with the fact that the holiday fell in the middle of the night rather than a long weekend. traditions saved, santa fe businesses -- it's part of a growing trend in these tough economic times. here's more on why they say the investment is well worth the cost. >> reporter: up until a few years ago this, parade was held in may, they have been doing that since 1896 as part of the rose celebration.
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then the community and business leaders decided to take it upon themselves and move it to the fourth of july and call it the rose white and blue parade. organizing and putting on this fourth of july parade was itself an exercise in independence. the alameda business association came up with its own plan to celebrate the national holiday. >> around here we don't have a material fourth of july parade that's why we took it on ourselves to build up this parade so that it could be eventually a city wide event. and this year, our fifth year, that's true. >> reporter: the business association sends out a parade program well in advance to about 30,000 households, local businesses buy advertising space in the program, the revenue is used for everything from the extra police to waste services to the portable bathrooms. the people get their parade and those same people turn out in force to support the local businesses. from zona rosa which just opened
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today. >> when people told us there would be 20,000 people. we thought everybody would be eat act the food trucks, we didn't know everybody would be coming coming in to our restaurant to eat. >> reporter: some money does come from the city of san jose, but only in the form of small hp grants from individual councilmembers who are willing to donate. >> i supported it last year and i supported it this year with a small grant out of my office. >> reporter: now at some point the hope is that the city will take over sometime in the future and bring back the tradition of a fourth of july parade. as for the event today, organizers were expecting up to 25,000 people. >> and the city of fremont managed to inflate it's fourth of july parade with motorized flat bottom balloons, instead of the huge plans filled with
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helium. but even those these balloons didn't float, their handlers still got carried away. oh, my goodness hang on. the fourth of july brought out the patriotic spirit of those in the parade and those watching it. fremont resident and our own traffic reporter. tonight all eyes will be on the sky for some spectacular fireworks displays across the bay area. but will we will fogged out? that's the big question. let's bring in jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. >> a couple of hours are going to make a big difference tonight. a lot of areas are going to have a 7 out of a 10 when it comes to viewing. today was also very warm for many of you out there precelebrating before the fire works, some of the hottest weather back in the east bay with livermore at 90 degrees.
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so let's get you to the forecast, if you're getting ready to step out the door here in the next hour or, so it will be cool in livermore but the best viewing will be in the east bay. temperatures in the 60s with mainly clear skies. now let's take you down to the south bay, san jose giants also putting on a fireworks spectacular tonight after the game, and we're also looking at mainly clear conditions and mid 60s. so somewhat mild for this time of the year, and now lerts bring you into the fog. we track this every year to find out if san francisco will be fogged out. here's the good news, a lot of this fog is getting pushed to the south which will be clouding up santa cruz, but we think for san francisco, for the fourth of july tonight, we will have some -- patchically fog building by 9:00 p.m. when fire works are going to lift off. no doubt you'll need a jacket if you're headed out to the emba
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embarcade embarcadero. so of course we'll have more coming up in and throughout the show. we're all about those fireworks tonight. and for a list of all the fireworks festivities around the bay area tonight, just go to our website, and search fireworks. the body found is that of a -- responded to a call with a body in the water shortly before 8:00 this morning. they found the body of 27-year-old victor marino south of fire -- he went missing from pier 32 after attending a giants dodgers game. today's discoverry comes four days after moreno's family carried out their even search forhim. for the second time in five days and for the sixth time in recent weeks, police in vallejo have shot someone. police say he had a gun and reached for it after being
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tased. he died at the scene. investigators say they were looking for tobin in connection with a domestic violence call minutes earlier. on saturday, a 17-year-old was killed by vallejo police after he pointed a gun at officers. three of four children that went missing from north oakland this week are alive and safe. the kids 4, 6 and 7 were found -- thorlts have arrested the 3-year-old's mother, stepfather and babysitter. the mother children were found at a relative's home in stanislaus county. a south bay family enjoyed a holiday at the beach was forced to return home after they found out their house caught on fire while they were gone. neighbors first saw smoke around 1:00 p.m. coming from the home. firefighters arrived a few minutes later and quickly put out the fire. officials do not have a cause
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yet and managed to contain the flames to the first floor, but there's moderate to major smoke damage throughout the home. a new south bay casino, one that's been open for several months. executives say they were ready to hope in april but have been waiting for permanent approval. that may come on july 19th. if it does, the casino's ground -- additional permits for gambling on the casino's top floor would reportedly take longer. the city college of san francisco, has eight months to prove it's worthy of staying home. it also said that while ccsf has been given a chance to stay hope, the school must also make preparations for possible closure. with 90,000 students, it is california's largest college. the biggest issue, the college's failure to fix london standing problems of -- a growing number of
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california voters are not happy with the job governor brown is doing. on the heels of signing a new budget, a state wide poll shows 42% of voters approve of governor brown. his overall approval rating has dropped from 48% to 44%. voters voters -- still ahead at 6:00, sex sells, but is it also selling women short. >> i'm scott budman, it's a day camp, but it's also a launch pad, coming up, they're not even teenagers, but you'll meet them, the future engineers of silicon valley. the olympic games haven't even started but already there is history in london, the inspirational athlete now going head to head with the world's best. i'm jeff ranieri in the bay
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area weather center. on this independence day, we'll track our -- viewing of fire works and for the north bay, also a bit of cloud cover for you and you'll need that jacket, temperatures in the low 60s, we'll have details on a hotter seven-die coming up in just minutes.
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the oak land city council voted to end their relationship with goldman-sachs. the city wants out of a complicated swap agreement and voted last night to terminate it. if goldman agrees to end it without any penalties-- facebook strikes a deal, one of the wealthiest spots in the bay area. mark zuckerberg's company has agreed to pay the city
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of@athertn. atherton officials say they're mainly concerned by the traffic impact facebook's expansion will have on that town. >> are you smarter than a fifth grader? now what if that fifth grader is already writing code for video games. scott budman spent the day at an amazing summer camp for preteen techies. >> we introduce you mow to some of the future entertainment moguls. >> adam is designing video games, grace is making a movie trailer. together they're part of id tech camps, this one's at stanford, a
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way for young people to spend part of their summer getting ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. >> i'm making a puzzle game that anybody can relate to, enjoy, mushrooms from mario, a smiley face. so it's a mixture of a lot of things. >> i'll never see a movie the same way because of what we're doing here. >> what they're doing is creting apps games and video like this. these girls put this together in a day. you get the feeling the man on the wall would be proud. >> i put him in the lab to sort of give kids sort of a guide, somebody to look up to because he's right on the wall, to kind of say, like, anybody can do it. >> reporter: they can do it all right, taking home skills they
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might even use in the future. >> i enjoy acting so i don't think i'm going to make movies because it's very complicated. i like to watch them instead, but it's very fun to go to these camp where is you learn more about what you're watching. >> and these guys just might be the future of silicon valley. then they went outside to play. the id tech camp started here in the bay area. with kids as young as 7, up to 18 years old. the national parks service is looking to lock up a -- five potential sites on the san francisco water front. the alcatraz ferries carry 1.4 million passengers a year to and from the rock. at $28 a head, it's a big money maker. the lease needs to be removed every n years, the parks service wants a 50-year lease and docking space for more ferries and also a my seem.
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-museum. lake tahoe is famous for being one of the world's clearest lakes, but a species of spectacular craw dads introduces in the 1800 -- they have a grill yant idea. sell and eat the crawfish. the sacramento bee reports they'll give a permit to the tahoe lobster company boosting the economy and big bonus and lake clarity. the cust ta and a note of lake tahoe biologists has some cooking tips. he says four-inch kra fish are delicious when boiled in a stock. now to a much bigger sea creature, a shark so big it broke the scales is the talk of southern california today. eight men struggled to lift the
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huge shark out of the water in moreno delray. the dock manager guesses the shark weighs in at 800 pounds, he can't be sure because it broke his new scale. >> this is supposed to hold 1,000 pounds. but you don't see them that big, that often. it does definitely take your breath away. >> most sharks brought into the landing are brought into the loll food banks. we see some local clouds moving in, my point was will it cloud our fireworks show. >> we are going to see a few of those colored clouds the closer you get off to golden gate bridge, but it's not going to be a total fogout. numbers going up from three to five degrees, top out at 897 in
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los gatos. 66 in san francisco. right now that onshore flow coming back so we do have cooler numbers all the way down to the peninsula. concord at 80, 77 in livermore and also 74 in san jose. we're going to take you out to our sky network. it's all about the sky tonight with those fire works and this is where you will find the best visibility. this is our camera walking out across the east bay hills and it is in the east bay where we'll have the clearest conditions. and san francisco and downtown, the closer you get to the ferry building on the embarcadero, the better the viewing will be, it's a shallow layer of fog, but the closer you get to the golden gate bridge, that's where you're going to find some of those colored clouds. but it's not expected to be a fog storm with any major drizzle activity. it's about a 7 out of 10. i think you're still going to be
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able to see something. satellite radar picture has plenty of cloud cover. this is a huge system is that's spinning that will also keep some clouds across the northwest. but for us, it's just going to keep that onshore in place and gradually cooler temperatures over the next 24 hours. if you're headed down the embarcadero. also waned anywhere from 10 to 20-mile-per-hour and we are expecting 59 degrees there at 9:00 p.m. fire works set to take off at 9:30 tonight. so we will have a sliver of fog right across the ek bark der row. otherwise, if you were in the east bay going out to livermore, upper 60s at 9:00 p.m., and clear conditions, that is the spot to be for the best viewing, getting your money's worth. all right out here into the south way, san jose giants also having a celebration. you'll have a light jacket and also some very clear conditions throughout the south bay. we'll start off with the low clouds tomorrow morning at the coast for the bay, maybe a few
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low clouds inland and temperatures will top out near average in the upper 70s by the bay, and we'll have more on your full forecast and when our seven-day could have a couple days of 90-degree temperatures in it in just a bit. still ahead at 6:00, a safer option. bay area researchers develop an important new test for pregnant women. and the olympic athlete proving that anything is possible. we'll be right back.
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we are counting down to the olympic games in london and south africa's olympic committee announced just today it will field the first amputee track
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athlete ever in the game. >> that's where i lost my leg, i had a traumatic motorcycle accident when i was in my early to mid 20s. it was a difficult time initially, i wasn't sure what to do, but i knew that i would not sort of give up. >> reporter: when he lost his leg two decades ago, he faced a life of unknowns. but turner soon proved that with prosthetic technology, he could learn to chase a bus, running sprintinger, even on a bicycle. he has competed in marathon, triathlons. >> i enjoy sports and letting people know that just because you have some sort of physical challenge doesn't mean you can't do whatever your heart desires. >> but when he lost his leg, he
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said there weren't many role models to turn to, but now that's changed. south africa has selected a dump amputee to run in the olympics. he'll be the first amputee track athlete to ever compete at the games. >> he's at the level as an athlete where he is able with prosthetic adaptation, he is able to compete and make it a level playing field for able-bodied athletes. >> we have all seen oscar, use them to great effect recently which is very exciting for all of us. >> this is called a moto knee. >> and turner believes that the entry into the olympic will -- every leap forward raising the bar of possibility. >> and there are just over 23
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days remaining until the opening ceremony and you can catch all the olympic action right here on nbc bay area. >> still ahead tonight at 6:00, the mystery disease that's now under investigation. >> and it could be the end for a decades long scientific search, the major discovery that could answer a host of questions about our universe. >> also coming up, how president obama spent his fourth of july holiday. >> and live in danville where one family of a fallen hero is celebrating fourth of july just a little differently this year and what they're doing to pay it forward in his honor. the story coming up. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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hearing the national anthem during a fourth of july parade was especially hard for one danville father today. his 19-year-old son was killed in action in afghanistan back in
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november. but he and his family say they are focused on paying it forward in his honor. >> josh corral is better known as chachi around here, definitely a hometown hero. in fact this is a bronze memorial dedicated to the 19-year-old. >> i wish he was here. >> reporter: he was in combat for less than three months. >> he was the one who taught me just about everything. >> reporter: in one of the most dangerous provinces of afghanistan. >> loud explosion. >> when an improvised explosion device killed 19-year-old lance corporal josh corral. he had been at the front every day searching with a metal detector to avoid ieds. >> it happened and he was there to protect us all the way to the end. >> his family was number one on
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his list, no matter what, family will be there and he said that no matter what, i'll take care of you guys and we'll be there for each other. >> reporter: chachi was all got family and all about fun. halloween night he was brave on all fronts except the paranormal, so when the marines started telling ghost stories. >> i don't remember what the song was. just to block it out. that was probably my favorite memory. >> there's one last memory that's hit chachi's family very hard. just two day bfrs he died, the 19-year-old called and exprisz -- they created the semper fi foundation, dead dated to helping severely injured marines and the families of fallen heroes. >> he was all about being
6:31 pm
more -- we could been more proud, my family and i. >> and as for these marines, they say they're likely headed back to afghanistan in winter next year. they have no doubt chachi will be there to lead them one more time. >> look down on us, protect us. we'll see him soon. >> the semper fi foundation as well as some of the corral family and friends are headed to d.c. this october for the marine corps marathon, running as team god speed chachi. live in danville, stephany strong, nbc bay area news. if you are looking to light up this fourth of july with your own fireworks show, there are only two places you can do it. safe and sane fireworks are on sale in santa clara county. safe and sane fire works don't fly or explode. think sparklers, found danes and smoke bombs. in gilroy, safe and sane
6:32 pm
fireworks can be bought at 16 authorized booths across the city. >> the booth vendor, the supplier of the fire worke ewory pay a fee for the city to put an extra fire -- patrol the streets for illegal fire works. >> safe and sane fireworks can only be used in the city where they are brought and only in designated locations. president obama spent this fourth of july swearing in new citizens all of whom are active service members in the military. the 25 naturalization candidates come from all over the world including nigeria, russia, china and the philippines. the president told the country's newest citizens that he is honored to serve as their commander in chief. >> it brings me great joy and inspiration because it reminds us that we are a country that is bound together not simply by
6:33 pm
ethnicity or blood lines, but by fidelity to a set of ideas. >> president obama then invited one of the candidates, lance corporal byron acevado to lead the pledge of al lean negligence. he walked in a parade today and also spoke about the supreme court's recent decision about the affordable care act. contradicting a response from one of his senior aides. romney now says the individual mandate in president obama's law which requires everyone to have health insurance is a tax and the president is lying to the middle class about not rising taxes. romney originally said the mandate is a penalty, not a tax. skcientists are sure they found the elusive so-called god particle. the atom smasher say it took 500
6:34 pm
trillion proton collisions to make this discovery. the normally subdued scientists broke into applause and some even went, while laymen call it the god particle, physicists call it a bosen which is -- >> this is a very profound thing that we found. this is not like other ordinary particles. it really is, we're reaching into the fabric of the universe which we have never done before. >> two generations of scientists have searched for the elusive particle since it was first proposed as a theory in the 1960s. children in cambodia are dying from a serious disease. so far 61 out of the 62 children admitted to cambodian hospitals with the illness have died. the world health organization says the disease begins as a
6:35 pm
severe fever and destroys respiratory and neurological functions. the cause of the illness ask still under investigation by u.n. and cambodian officials. . it's being called a break through -- hereditary information with nothing but a blood sample from the mother. the new form of blood testing could -- screen for potential disorders in fetuses without the risk of a miscarolina. the test has been shown to be 99% accurate, it's expected to be available in clinical practices in three years, for $3,000. still ahead at 6:00, joey chestnut goes for his sixth straight hot doing eating title. many famous women are opening up about very private
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matters. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. if you're going to the east bay, the best visibility here, temperatures in the 60s and mainly clear at 9:00 p.m. and at san francisco, yes, we'll have some low clouds to deal with, by it should not be a total fog out. bring that jacket, the wind kicks up and it's going to feel quite chilly. you ready buddy? you're probably not getting called up to the majors. but your fence? that's pro.
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scantily clad starlets, female cat fights, photo shopped faces of perfection. >> now the former first lady of san francisco is tackling the issue in a provocative knew documentary.
6:39 pm
she's proving she is not just a pretty face and says your daughter shouldn't be one either. >> the media is the message and the messenger. these are the images that sell in movies, magazines, on the web, many prime time, and even news time. >> breast implants, did you have them or not? >> but a course of women at the top of their game say they're really manufactured messages selling women short. >> the question i was most frequently act is who's going to be taking care of your children. of course it's one of those questions that i don't think a man has ever been asked. >> broadcasting the words that a woman's value and power lie solely in her youth, beauty and sexuality. >> what can i do. you know, how long is it going to take for somebody to stake a stand? >> i just couldn't imagine raising a daughter in particular
6:40 pm
in a world that's so objectified and demeaned women. >> jennifer newsom is taking that stand in her award winning documentary missed representation. >> there are moments in life when you begin to see things more clearly. when i found out i was pregnant with a girl, everything came into focus. >> i just wanted to help create a world where women were seen as equal, where women were valued for more than their youth, their beauty and their sexuality, but really for their capacity to lead, for their intel le electric, for their constructation to the world at large. >> that meant -- exposing a painful past. >> a few days before my 7th birth day, my older sister stacy died in an accident. i blamed myself for her death.
6:41 pm
and out of guilt and sadness, i tried to have two daughters instead of one. >> private introspection by the wife of a politician. but gavin newsom proudly stood beside his woman. >> he was scared and sad for me and also very respectful of my courage to put it out there. >> reporter: she also put him out there and his decision as san francisco mayor to have both a female police chief and a female fire chief. >> people thought i was trying to make some grand statement, when in fact i was actually just hiring the most qualified two candidates. >> that declaration is at the heart of this stanford grad's call to action. newsom now takes her documentary to campuses across the country and to schools in her own backyard like this screening in san rafael.
6:42 pm
fresh ideas for educators, new ideals for parents. >> my darks i want to be fearless and to see herself as a leader, i want my son to see all that a woman can be and to be respectful of women and to value women. >> hello. >> and what newsom is hoping is a national rebirth of the journey to womanhood. >> what do you think, montana? are you ready? >> je >> and newsom is hoping her film will help both girls and boys to not buy into the media's negative images and messages. you can go our website to find out how to get the film in your school or in your own home. just go to nbc bay area come and search missed representation. this is one of the most watched forecasts that jeff ranieri is going to deliver all
6:43 pm
year. no pressure, but folks in san francisco want to know fog or no fog for fireworks. >> you're going to be dealing with a lot more cloud cover, maybe a few of those colored clouds, but if you're headed out to other parts of the city, some better viewing, we're going to break it all down for you no matter where you're headed in just a new minutes. >> coming up in sports ta's and giants both with early game this is afternoon and with a heart warming story of a vet who returns home to surprise his daughter at the coliseum. it's all ahead. stay with us.
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6:45 pm
if you're going to watch fireworks in livermore tonight, i don't think you have anything to worry about. it's going to be clear skies. if you're going to watch in san francisco, it might depend on where you're going to stand along the water front might make the difference. >> what are the temperatures going to be in thanks a lot for that breakdown, take a look at the current temperatures, 80 degrees in concord, 77 in livermore, across the peninsula, a lot cooler with that westerly wind starting to move in. we'll take you out to that sky camera network and what you'll find tonight on this independence day is a little bit of cloud cover starting to roll into downtown san francisco on that live hd sky camera network. but here's the thing, if you
6:46 pm
look on the top right of your screen, you'll see that blue sky. it's one of those nights where down in soma, the embarcadero, you have that whole of sunshine. the best viewing will be there, if you're head closer to the golden gate bridge, you're going to have some of those colored clouds tonight. as we look ahead to the next 12 to 14 hours, the morning hours, the fog will stay in place and that will allow a little bit of cooling for your thursday. that seven-day is going to get quite hotter. all right, here it is, high pressure getting on the four corners, this is gradually going to migrate back across the west. it's going to continue to pump in some warm to hot air in the next seven-day forecast, and the storm track will stay just off to the north. that will spare us from triple digit heat, however it's not going to be strong enough to keep us out of the 90-degree temperature category. the next 24 hours will be temps in the 60s and for the inland spots, 70s and 80s with sunny
6:47 pm
conditions in the afternoon continuing right into friday. so as far as the fog goes for tonight, what we're going to see here by 9:00 p.m., and a lot of those fireworks will start to go off here in the bay area. a little bit of cloud cover right across the peninsula. as you get closer to the golden gate bridge, we'll have more fog there, but back across soma, it looks like we'll have a decent window of some clearing, that should enable a pretty good view of the fireworks. calling it a 7 out of a 10 for this time of year. temperatures will be in the 50s, so you'll need that jacket, there's going to be thousands of people out here, so definitely take your patience if you're headed that way. let's bring a look here into the peninsula, low cloud cover, victim not too bad, temperatures in the 60s, but the best viewing will be out here across the east bay, the north bay will have a few clouds and temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, but here it is in livermore, we're going to expect a mild night with upper 60s at 9:00 p.m., and
6:48 pm
even by 11:00 p.m., a few clouds will roll in, but overall a spectacular night in livermore. the san jose giants having a celebration in the mid 60s by 9:00 p.m. once again that foggy breeze coming back after he head throughout our thursday forecast. on that three day forecast gets a little bit warmer. those 90s are coming back by monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week a little bit of a warm spell, we're not going to call it a heat wave, but it's going to be a little bit toasty for us. >> whoa, i don't do well in those 90s. >> oh, my gosh. >> we're going to have to go away to hawaii for three the days. >> that doesn't sound too bad. >> we're talking about the fog in san francisco and the challenge for fire works, itches just following some news out of boston, they have hundreds of
6:49 pm
thousands of people go to the fireworks, they're evacuating because a severe thunderstorm is hitting them right around the time they're going to do their fireworks. let's take a look at is sports now. >> in the comcast sports studio with the latest. >> the fireworks started early there morning for the san francisco giants on the east coast. you know, what a difference a week makes after tossing four straight shutouts against the reds and the dodgers last week, the -- losers in four out of five and it was a rude awakening. we take you to natts park. giants got an early lead from madison baumgardner, it's a pretty good place to be on the fourth of july. madison bum gardner couldn't hold the lead, bottom of the
6:50 pm
third, ian desmond a two-run single. natts would be up 4-3 in the bottom of the fifth. ry ryan zimmerman who's been absolutely on fire, golfs one out of center. how about the red sox and the a's, oakland looking to finish off a sweep of boston. bottom of the second, solo shot, 15th straight game, the as have a home run. david ortiz, he gets the a.j. griffin offering and sends it over the wall. a milestone shot ties it at one. coco crisp home, as take a 3-2 lead, they win 3-2, completing their first three-game sweep of boston since 2008. if you happen to be at the giants-as opener at the coliseum last month, you might have
6:51 pm
witnessed an emotional moment when sergeant scott pierce was reintroduced with his -- an inside look at the heart warming moment. >> ali pierce was scheduled to throw out the as ceremonial first pitch for her sweet 16. she place kwhad she thought was a long distance phone call to her dad stationed overseas. what she didn't know was her dad was closer to home than she ever could have imagined. then sergeant pierce proved like in baseball, in the game of life, there's nothing sweeter than coming home. >> happy sweet 16 from afghanistan, baby girl, i wish i was there to celebrate with you. i hope you have a great day, and we'll celebrate when i get home. i love and miss you more than you know.
6:52 pm
>> hi, baby girl. are you okay? >> yeah. >> i love you. >> i love you too. this is the best sweet 16 ever. >> i think i have been sending e-mails to the as since january, planning it. i knew i had two weeks off and the army sends soldiers anywhere they want to go for their rest and relaxation for two weeks and i knew her 16th birthday was coming and i couldn't miss it. >> here's your jersey, it's not as awesome as your dad, but here you go. happy birthday.
6:53 pm
have a good day. glad you dad's home safe, and enjoy your day. >> thanks, guys. >> it was the best birthday present i could ask for. i was just so happy. >> you had no idea, huh? >> not one at all. >> i love you. >> i love you too. you don't have to go back, right? >> sergeant pierce will return to active duty overseas but not before spending some precious time with his family. i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area news. >> from heart warming to heartburn, the nation's hot dog eating contest held on the fourth of july. sonya thomas broke her own record eating 45 hot dogs. and joey chestnut tied his own
6:54 pm
report, 68 hot dogs in just ten minutes, for all that, the soix-time champion got $10,000, probably going to spend $4,000 on it for pepto bismol. >> you made us laugh, you made us cry. thanks so much, dave. >> that's what i'm here for. >> for a full hour of sports you can watch comcast bay area tonight at 10:30.
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there is a new record at the
6:57 pm
box office for a tuesday opening. the amazing spider-man swung into action bringing $35 million it broke a previous record held by the first transformers which also opened on july 3. box office trackers are projecting the movie might earn around $120 million or more in the first six days. a sun stream comes a mother's reality. tonight at 11:00, meet the south bay mom doing something her son was never able to do for herself. find out why it could help every single person living in santa clara. that's at 11:00. after the macy's fourth of july spectacular. and coming up at 7:00, if you want some more news, we have got brent cannon on comcast 46. >> have a wonderful independence stay evening. we'll see you here tonight. >> good night.
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